Alessia Cara Debuts Scars To Your Beautiful Music Video

Since Alessia Cara announced the arrival of the ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ music video just a mere few days ago, we couldn’t wait to see what she had up her sleeve.

Well it’s finally here and needless to say, we were not disappointed in what the video had to offer. While her other music videos were fun and enjoyable to watch, this music video has an important message she wanted her fans to know about.

The song “Scars To Your Beautiful” is about body image and not living up to the standards that society and social media place on young women and men. It’s about defying those laws about how to look, how to act, and how to dress.

Alessia’s main goal with the song was to teach girls and boys that it’s okay to be who they are and to be comfortable in their own skin; not to listen to whatever they’re hearing through the media because what the media is saying is wrong.

“And you don’t have to change a thing, the world can change its heart. No scars to your beautiful…”

Through this song, she’s teaching her fans that they should accept themselves and ignore the standards that society and the media has placed on today’s youth.

Several guest speakers appeared in the video including singer and songwriter JoJo, and while many of those speakers had opinions on body image and self worth, personal experiences and stories were shared throughout the video.

This video definitely touched our hearts and brought tears to our eyes; hopefully you’ll feel the same way too.


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Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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