What is Alex Gaskarth’s Snapchat?

A lot of celebrities use snapchat in different ways, but the main way is to comminicate with fans and keep them up to date with everything happening in their lives. With so many celebrities making snapchat accounts it can be easy to lose track, but with our handy CelebMix Snapchat Bible you can find all the celebrities’ snapchat accounts that you don’t have, and maybe ones you didn’t know had a snapchat account.

One of the many celebrities to have snapchat is All Time Low’s lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth. Alex’s snapchat is a mix of things but definitely one to make you smile/laugh with some of the funny snapchats that feature on his story. At the same time we also get treated the odd cute selfie of him and his wife Lisa. His snapchat is definitely one to be added if you don’t have it already.

What is Alex Gaskarth’s snapchat?

You can follow Alex Gaskarth on snapchat using alexalltimelow

Who else should you be following on snapchat?

There’s this one account that we know of that tends to post celebrity news and live videos from the various shows they’ve attended… Okay we’re talking about our own snapchat, but I promise you it’s a good one. You can add us using the username CelebMix, we promise you won’t regret it.

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