Exclusive: Alex Maxwell talks “No Flight”

London native Alex Maxwell has a great voice, fantastic songwriting skills, and just an overall killer vibe. It’s no shock that she is the first UK artist to be signed to Hollywood Records. We got to chat with the all around lovely Alex on it all.

How would you describe your sound?
I always find this question quite hard as I think there are many factors which have built up toward my sound and narrowing it down is tough. Growing up, many different aspects of music caught my attention. I’m pretty old school when it comes down to my musical influences – Fleetwood Mac, Cocteau Twins, and many more. So when it comes to songwriting I’m very intrigued by all those organic and ethereal sounds – ambient electric guitars, big harmonies, live drums, etc.. However I have always loved listening and experimenting with more contemporary electronic sounds as well, which I think come alive in my music through production. My sound takes on both those rooted and earthy organic sounds combined with a more 80s driven electronic palette.

Tell us about “No Flight”.
No Flight is a song I hold very dear to my heart. I was at a moment in my life where I was going through many changes and was trying to absorb it all in a limited amount of time… so I felt quite overwhelmed. I think this song was that moment of realisation that I had to stop and embrace everything that was going on, both the highs and the lows. It’s really about living life fully, enjoying the rollercoaster and not letting your fears get the best of you.

You’re the first UK artist to be signed to Disney owned Hollywood Records (based in California)! What’s that like?
I feel so privileged to be a part of the HR family. Disney holds great values and they really come through when you work together on a day to day basis. Everyone is great. It’s been such an amazing journey so far!

Are you leaving London?

I don’t have plans to leave London just yet. I only moved here a couple of years ago, as I was based in Madrid before hand. I love this city and constantly feel inspired by it so I’m not looking to leave right now.

Should we be expecting a new album?

Explain your songwriting process. We love your lyrics!
When it comes to songwriting I’m still a paper and pen kind of girl. I carry a notebook on me at all times and am constantly jotting down random lyrics when I feel inspired. I then take them to my keyboard. However since a couple of years ago, I enjoy playing around with Logic. It’s like a playground for writing – there are so many sounds you can use and it really gets my ideas across when taking it later on to production at the studio.

Did you always picture yourself as a singer-songwriter?
I think music was always what I loved most as a little girl. However, I didn’t really take it seriously until I started participating in my secondary school’s musicals. That’s when I got properly introduced to music and performing. Shortly after I then started to write my own songs at about the age of 13. Writing was my way of expressing myself and became almost addictive. Some years later I joined a Jazz school in Madrid, where I was living. So since my teenage years, being a singer-songwriter was definitely what I dreamed of being.

What can we expect from you for the future?
I have a new single being released in July and then plan on releasing an EP shortly after. An album is also to be expected along the line!

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Written by CelebMix