DISCOVER: Axel Muñiz & Alexandra Stan’s Music Video For “Siempre Tú”

It has been teased for some time by both the artists, and now the music video to this incredible Spanish song, has been released. Axel Muñiz and Alexandra Stan both have active roles in the virtual reality music video; giving a unique twist for the “Siempre Tú” visual.

The song is one of our favourites and has been released in both Spanish and English; although whether an English version of the music video will drop on to YouTube is something we can only hope for, for now.

The video was directed by Manuel Escalante; it displays a unique way for long distance couples to keep their love alive across virtual reality. Axel Muñiz’s scenes were all shot in Mexico, whilst Alexandra Stan’s scenes were shot in Barcelona, Spain.

Watch Axel Muñiz & Alexandra Stan’s Music Video To “Siempre Tú” Here:

Both artists released the video on their respective official YouTube channels, with Alexandra Stan at 100,000 more views than Axel Muñiz. Regardless their voices melded well together on this track, making us hope that they duet once again in the future; the visual only emphasises our hopes as they look so cute together – even through virtual reality headsets.

On first watch, the viewers are captured by the beauty of the artists; so much so, that you don’t even realise that they’re in different cities during the virtual reality scenes. It’s such a sweet and adorable concept, enough to prove that long distance can completely work out between couples if this could actually happen; (we are aware that long distance couples make it work all the time, and we congratulate every single one of you who manage to do so; but there are just as many that don’t work out; this sort of thing could make it so much easier for everyone).

Adorable scenes are the restaurant scene and the clips where they kiss. We also love the bench scene, the wall scene, and of course the hotel scenes. It completely works in every single way, and it’s super cute.

The song is available to download and stream now, we highly suggest you do so as it’s one we ca not get out of our heads. We currently have the music video on repeat, as it is so sweet. We hope they release an English version in the coming days to help promote the English language version of the single. Also, don’t forget to check out our review of the song.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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