Alexandra Burke releases new single: listen here

Alexandra Burke has released a new single online.

‘Renegade’ serves as the lead from her new EP, comprising of five new tracks to give fans an insight into her third studio album.

Listen to the new track below.

Speaking of her new album, Alex said: “I’m still recording album three. I’m in the studio every single day, I’m going there right now.

“On this new album, I wanna sing my heart out. For me, the reason I won the show wasn’t because I dance around on stage.

“I got voted for because I can sing, and I’m grateful that I won such a massive show. So many fans say to me, we wanna hear more like ‘Hallelujah’, we wanna hear more like ‘The Silence’ – which is one of my favourite songs – they just wanna hear a voice.”

Written by CelebMix