Ali Ahmed Almohannadi on His Journey From Leaving Forensic Science to Becoming a Foremost Marketing Expert in Qatar

People have switched career tracks from engineering to photography or from being a doctor to becoming an actor. In the vast pool of these stories, one stands out as it portrays true transition from following the mind to listening to the heart. It’s the story of Ali Ahmed Almohannadi, who transitioned from forensics to marketing. He shares his amazing story of self-discovery. Let’s delve.

Biting the Bullet

Almohannadi pursued his Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science from Coventry University, which is recognized internationally for its expertise in various subjects. He also earned a degree in business management from the University of Wolverhampton, which boasts an extensive list of renowned alumni around the world. He also holds an MS in Marketing from the prestigious University of Sussex. So, after having so many feathers in his cap, it was easy for him to walk on the path of professional glory. He chose the path of forensic science. However, after walking down the path of analytical chemistry and forensics over a stretch of a few yards (metaphorically), he came at a crossroads. One pointed towards what society would want for him, the other towards his liberation. He chose the latter, deciding to change his career to a completely different path. Since then, there has been no looking back. He finally started to love what he does and enjoys going to work.

Path to Self-Discovery

It all started when Almohannadi, at the age of 15, chimed in to help his uncle at his company. That’s when he developed an early interest in marketing. Working with his uncle, he acquired key communication skills and experience that later helped him to build and shape his own business. He realized his passion for marketing as he started to help his friends in managing their social media accounts.

From Man to Bossman 

The Founder of Kinfolks Co, a marketing and management firm, Almohannadi, has completed hundreds of marketing projects in a variety of industries. Some of the companies to have successfully grown from Ali’s services include the Mondrian, Rotana, and Alrayyan (Hilton brand) hotels, Fact magazine, and Oh La La magazine. His motto is—connect, collaborate, and create. He shares, “The first step in our process is to sit with the client over coffee and understand their current and future needs. Our team then gathers all information and customizes a strategic plan tailored to the client’s business. The last stage of design and delivery is where all the fun and creativity happen.”

Leveraging his background in the web and technology, Almohannadi launched Venita, the very first beauty booking platform in Qatar. Venita’s successful journey in the market exposed him to a hands-on experience in key brand marketing methodologies within a highly competitive market. Almohannadi has built long-lasting relationships and partnerships with clients. As a result, he has become one of the most sought-after marketing experts in Qatar. 

Written by CelebMix