All Of Louise’s Solo Singles Ranked!

British pop princess Louise first came into the public conscious as part of the record breaking 90’s girl band Eternal.

Famous for hits such as ‘Stay’, ‘Just A Step From Heaven’ and ‘Oh Baby I…’ Eternal were the first girl band EVER to sell over 1 million copies of an album in the U.K. with their debut release ‘Always & Forever’.

Eternal shot for the ‘Always & Forever’ album campaign, 1993

Spawning 6 top 20 singles and becoming the fourth best-selling album of 1994, the record went on to spend 76 weeks in the U.K. album charts.

Yet despite all of the groups incredible success, in 1995 it was announced that Louise was to leave the band and go solo…

Louise Nurding for Sky Magazine, 1995

With the release and subsequent success of her debut solo single ‘Light Of My Life’ later that year, Louise’s brave, bold career move paid off and she never looked back.

Over an 8 year period she would go on to release a further 11 singles, 3 studio albums, 1 greatest hits collection, perform sell-out shows across 3 headlining tours, win countless awards and sell a staggering 15 million records world-wide, before taking time out in 2004 to become a Mum to sons Charley and Beau.

Louise, 1998

Following a 15 year break from the industry, Louise spent much of 2018 back in the recording studio, songwriting and experimenting with a bunch of different writers and producers, before signing a new record deal with Warner Music UK earlier this year; teasing fans that her fourth studio album was on it’s way.

Louise, Warner Music UK, 2019

With rumours rife that new music is imminent, we here at CelebMix are looking back and rating ALL of Louise’s solo singles releases so far…

Released: 2001
Official U.K. Chart Position: 4

“Losing control, yeah I’m all over the place”

To mark the release of her first greatest hits collection ‘Changing Faces – The Best of Louise’ in 2001, Louise recorded her own version of the Stealers Wheel classic ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’.

Described by many at the time as being a “bold move” to take on such an iconic song, Louise managed to inject new life into the track giving it a fresh, modern day twist – respectfully taking elements of the original version but upping the tempo, highlighting more of the melody and intensifying the rhythm.

The result was a soulful/pop BOP complete with edger beats, tight harmonies and sing-along choruses.

In a nod to the songs early 90’s revival, having featured in the Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Reservoir Dogs’, Louise chose to recreate the the films most iconic scene (minus the cutting of the ear) in the accompanying music video which went down a STORM with fans.

Peaking at number 4 on the Official U.K. Singles Chart and spending 3 weeks inside the Top 10, ’Stuck In The Middle With You’ was further proof that Louise had what it takes to stay relevant in the fickle world of pop.

Released: 2000
Official U.K. Chart Position: 13

“Try living up to higher aspirations”

Released at a time when the music charts were saturated with manufactured pop bands, and there seemed to be a definite emphasis on style over substance, Louise had a clear message to share with fans on 2000’s ‘Beautiful Inside’.

With it’s gritty electronic production, hard baseline and Wu-Tang Clan sample, musically the song was a huge step forward for Louise – staying true to her pop roots, but pushing forward into more of an experimental dance genre.

Timeless in its message, lyrically the track is just as relevant today than it was upon it’s original release nearly 19 years ago.

Released: 1998
Official U.K. Chart Position: 11

“In the tears of so many years”

By this point in her career Louise had very much perfected the art of creating stylish, sophisticated pop/R&B records, with ‘All That Matters’ being her most mature single release to date.

With its emotive lyrics and heartfelt melodies, fused together with gospel harmonies, the track showcased a different, maybe more vulnerable side to Louise, as she sings/pleads for to a lost love to comeback into her life.

Released in early 1998, it was to be the last single released from the ‘Woman In Me‘ album and Louise’s last release of the 90’s.

Released: 1997
Official U.K. Chart Position: 10

“Time, it changes almost everything”

With it’s pulsating baseline, solid musical production and soaring soulful vocals, Louise’s remake of the Average White Band’s 1980 hit ‘Let’s Go Round Again’ was the PERFECT party track for Lou to release to mark the start of her first ever solo headlining concert tour, the hugely successful ‘No Sweat Tour’.

A hi-energy, retro floor-filler; the song packs punch, taking influence from the 1970’s disco era whilst incorporating synth strings, brass instruments and samba drum beats to create an electrifying, euphoric slice of perfect pop.

The songs accompanying music video sees Louise and her troop of dancers act as secret agent spies performing slick, intricate choreography whilst trying to outsmart and escape their mysterious surroundings.

Unashamedly pop, unashamedly disco, ‘Let’s Go Round Again’ is officially Louise’s biggest selling solo single in the U.K.

Released: 1996
Official U.K. Chart Position: 9

“Only you can release me”

This ultra sexy, sophisticated track with its irresistible groove and hypnotic melody will simply put you in a trance.

As the fifth and final single to be released from her debut solo album ‘Naked’, ‘One Kiss From Heaven’ was solid gold proof that Louise could do soul, just as well as she could do pop, with this silky, smooth R&B slow jam.

Sultry, seductive and euphoric all at the same time, the song is the definition of sensual – as intoxicating vocal harmonies build and build to climatic effect.

To summarise, ‘One Kiss From Heaven’ is a MOOD.

7. 2 FACED
Released: 2000

Official U.K. Chart Position: 3

“Poison words are spoken”

Following a 2 year break from planet pop, Louise was officially BACK in 2000 with her 9th solo release ‘2 Faced’.

Co-written by Louise along with Matt Elliss and Julie Morrison, ‘2 Faced’ is a sassy, yet self-assured clap-back to any kind of hater or naysayer.

Fusing pop with early 00’s R&B grooves, Louise delivers a sharp, confident vocal over a sparse, funk infused backing track which builds and builds as the song gains momentum, giving way to it’s rousing, staccato, sing-along bridge and chorus.

Another brilliant pop song, with another timeless message (also see ‘Beautiful Inside‘), the track was a reminder to the masses that this girl from Lewisham was NOT to be messed with.

Peaking at number 3 in the Official U.K. singles chart, ‘2 Faced’ is Louise’s highest charting single to date.

Released: 1995
Official U.K. Chart Position: 8

“Guide me through the dark times, give me something to believe.”

Eternal, were a pioneering street, sassy girl band known for their uptempo pop, R&B/soul anthems – so the last thing anyone would expect to hear from a former member of the group going solo was a soaring, sophisticated pop ballad…  but that’s exactly what Louise delivered following her departure from the band in 1995.

Tender, heartfelt and honest – ‘Light Of My Life’ sees “the girl from Eternal” come into her own artistically, taking ownership of her TALENT, style and voice, embracing her vulnerability, yet defiantly holding onto inner strength as she delivers a powerful vocal performance showcasing all of the different tones, textures and colours of her voice.

The true beauty of this song though, is the way in which Louise manages to wrap every lyric she sings in pure emotion, effortlessly giving us all kinds of feels as the song soars to a glorious crescendo.

Released: 1997
Official U.K. Chart Position: 4

“Wherever I am, I will always think of you”

Over the years, much as been made of the supposed sophomore album ‘slump / curse’, and how it can make or break an artists career… 

Well, Miss. Nurding clearly didn’t get THAT memo as 1997 saw the return of a whole new Louise, as she launched the campaign for her second solo album ‘Woman In Me’ with the release of the single ‘Arms Around The World’.

A mature, well-crafted pop song, full in it’s sound and production, the track has a real universal feel to it – thanks in-part to the eclectic mix of world instruments used – but also because of it’s relatable message that no matter the distance, love and relationships can survive wherever you may be in the world.

Everything about ‘Arms Around The World’ was NEXT. LEVEL. and showed that Louise was more than just an ex member of a girl band, she was an authentic artist to be reckoned.

Released: 1998
Official U.K. Chart Position: 17

“Out walked loneliness”

5 months on from her debut solo release, the dreamy ballad ‘Light Of My Life’, Louise was clearly in the mood to mix things up and hit the dance-floor again with her second single, 1996’s ‘In Walked Love’.

This 90’s retro carefree pop banger showcased a different side to Louise as she once again, musically and stylistically, went off in a whole new direction moving away from musical genres we had come to associate with her during her time in Eternal.

An all out pop anthem, complete with catchy choruses, soaring melodies and kitsch lyrics – the track (a firm favourite with fans) is a joyous, sing-along from start to finish.

Released: 2003
Official U.K. Chart Position: 5

“I can be that, I won’t hold back”

By 2003 the music industry had changed dramatically, with a whole new wave of artists taking over the charts.

And whilst many a former 90’s pop star struggled to find their identity and place in the world of pop post new millennium, a strong, self-assured, defiant Louise returned to the scene following a 2 year absence with the INSANE ‘Pandora’s Kiss’.

An experimental, genre-fusing pop record; ‘Pandora’s Box’ felt fresh, fierce and current; an urban beat mixed with rock flares, electric guitars and ska-like rhythms and phrasings – the songs SLAPS.

Probably the most daring she had ever been on a record – Louise was back, and this time she meant business.

Released: 1996
Official U.K. Chart Position: 5

“Learn to let the feelings show”

By the close of summer 1996 and with the release of her fourth solo single, Louise had most certainly found her mojo as a solo artist, and fans couldn’t get enough!

Less pop sounding than previous solo efforts, ‘Undivided Love’ with it’s laid-back swagger and cool R&B groove provided Louise with the platform to showcase her talent not only as an artist, but as a live performer also in the songs accompanying music video and promotional performances.

The simple, stylish black and white video clip (starring Jamie King) saw a stripped back Louise posing underwater, serve serious LOOKS to camera and perform Janet Jackson inspired choreography with effortless ease.

The perfect example that a British female pop artist could compete with the likes of Janet, Madonna and Paula Abdul… Louise Nurding DID THAT.

Released: 1996
Official U.K. Chart Position: 5

“I can lose myself without redemption”

This song, this video, this campaign should forever be seen as the definition of an artist finding their voice and coming into their own – ‘Naked’ was, without doubt, Louise’s break out moment.

Playful yet sexy, both flirtatious and alluring, ‘Naked’ is THE single that every pop girl wishes she had in her back catalogue.

It’s always a serendipitous moment in pop music, when the visual matches the song… magic happens – and that’s exactly what happened when Louise teamed up with Jamie King to create the music video for ‘Naked’.

Shot in a disused warehouse in downtown L.A., the essence and vibe of the song was captured perfectly by directer Gregg Masuak, as Louise and her back up dancers go IN and on the songs complex choreography, performing at a level that no other British female artist had done before.

The song peaked at number five in the charts and catapulted the album of the same name to a million plus sales in the U.K.

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Written by Philip Logan

Twitter & IG: @philip_logan