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EXCLUSIVE: Alle Farben Talks New Album, New Plans and His Favorite Sticker On His Suitcase

Alle Farben is one of the biggest, contemporary producers coming from Germany. He has accumulated more than 6 Top-20 hits in the last couple of years, his biggest one being the 2014 release “She Moves” as well as his latest release “Fading” with ILIRA.

Now, it was time for another round of brand new tracks as he has debuted his third studio album titled “Sticker On My Suitcase”. The 18-track record deals with an aspect that everyone, especially an ever-touring DJ like Alle Farben, can relate to: traveling.

His new full-length release showcases and assembles all of the things the producer does best: he demonstrates his signature dance-pop sound throughout the album mixed with melodic instrumentals and uplifting bass lines. It is an album quite the way we like it: easy on the ears and always managing to make us smile and enjoy life a little more.

Not only are we enjoying his new album but CelebMix also got a chance to catch up with Alle Farben, born Frans Zimmer, in order to talk a little more about his new album, the production and writing behind it, and what is coming up for the DJ. Read the interview down below.

Also feel free to listen to the album right here:

Hey Frans! Congratulations on the new release: how does it feel to have a new album out?
It’s a great feeling to have a new album out! It’s like your own child. You’ve worked on it such a long
time and when you finally release it out into the open world you are filled with so much joy and wait
for every single feedback. It’s an amazing feeling!

What inspired you to create a travel-inspired album?
Ever since I started my career and even before then, traveling has been a huge topic for me. And
since it’s that present in my life it felt natural to produce an album about it.

In an interview, you once mentioned that you experience a light form of synesthesia: how does that influences your music and the making of it specifically?
I’d say that I’m more of a an aesthete when it comes to colors than a synesthete. When I had plans
to study arts I learned and read a lot about colors and their meaning. In addition to that aspect of
colours, I also dove into colours in the topic of physics and sociology. All these impressions broadened my horizon and led me to name my album „Synesthesia“, simply because I find it to be an interesting topic in the world of colours.

Tell us a bit more about the production process of the album: how did the collaborations come together, what were the influences for your tracks?
The process of writing and producing an album involves a lot of teamwork. I´m hosting so called
„writing sessions“, in which I invite a lot of different people and jam with them. On that way we
developed the first songs. I´m not the kind of guy who looks for specific features. Usually the people I jammed with in the sessions are the features on the songs. And I’m really happy about that because I started to like most of the people I worked with, if I haven´t liked them before, to the point that I’d like to go on vacation with them.

What was the writing process like?
I like to write and produce my songs together with other people. I find that to be an uplifting feeling.
A lot of my ideas came together while collaborating with my friends and fellow musicians. For me it is really important to engage in some kind of intellectual and musical exchange with other people. That is the reasons why I like to invite a lot of different musicians into my studio and the reason why a lot of the collaborations came together.

Which song are you most proud of on the album and why?
It’s hard to say of which song I am the proudest. Currently my favourite song of the album is
„Remember“ together with Lahos, but that changes a lot. Especially the process of creating that song has been really amazing. It came together as a great song that brings sun into you heart.

You collaborated with a lot of people in the past: who was your favorite and why?
In the last years, I’ve had a lot of different people in my studio. But the deepest friendship and
connections probably developed out of my work with Graham Candy, with whom I wrote the song
„She Moves“. I take him with me on tour a lot or meet up with him during my private time. It’s
always incredible when such a great thing comes out of a songwriting process. I hope I can go back to the studio with him again soon.

Do you still have anyone on your bucket list?
I really like working together with people I like or lean to like during the process. I don’t have any
kind of Bucket-List. There are a lot of artists I worked with, who were more known, where it didn’t
work out out as nicely and then there were artist who weren’t known as much but I really enjoyed
working with them. Graham is the best example there. He came to Germany and wasn’t all that
famous but the collaboration turned out to be one of the best I’ve had so far.

What are the upcoming plans for you?
I’m already back in the studio to work on my next album. I’m very diligent and always up for new
opportunities to collaborate with people. I can’t see myself not doing that any time soon, so there is
going to be a lot more to come!

Last but not least: what is your favorite sticker on your suitcase? And which one is still missing?
My favourite sticker on my suitcase so far is „Love for everyone“. I just really like the message.
When I think about what stickers are still missing I´d say that it’s got to be one from you!

We’ll try to send you one in the future!

Alle Farben’s latest release “Sticker on My Suitcase” is now available to purchase and stream on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice. It was released via Synesthesia Records.

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