Allegra releases the stylish video for IF YOU WANNA LOVE ME

Sorry, what’s that you say? You wanted an audience with the rising princess of pop? Well, you’ll have to get in line. You’ll also have to comply with a certain set of rules, the kind Allegra lays out in new disco stomper ‘If You Wanna Love Me’.

As with all past releases, Allegra’s new anthem is one of defiance, as she proudly proclaims her intentions to find a worthy suitor in her straight-talking language and ethereal vocals.

Allegra has always been the type of girl to tell it to you straight. Whether it was her debut, ALL ABOUT US, proclaiming the importance of love over all, or her most recent offering of USED TO MISS YOU in which she proudly showed herself getting over her first heartbreak, it’s never been Allegra’s bag to mince words.

“If you ain’t the one, then I’ve still got me,” she sings over a lo-fi disco backing track, which smacks of Jessie Ware’s critically acclaimed What’s Your Pleasure from 2020. Allegra’s newfound maturity is clearly blossoming on this dancefloor filler, which is sure to empower all of her listeners to start talking straight with the boys. 

Listen to IF YOU WANNA LOVE ME below, and let us know what you think on Twitter!

Written by Emma

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