Ally and Normani’s Holidays with Harmonizers

Once again, the holidays are upon us! To many people, Christmas is the time of year in which gifts are bought and received, families are reunited, and love is spread. Some spend this time to think about others and give back. This is exactly what two members of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony have been up to.

Normani Kordei Hamilton and Allyson Brooke Hernandez are usually (just like their band mates) involved in charity work and this year has been no exception to that. Hernandez has just recently become the new face of March Of Dimes, the organization that spreads awareness of premature birth while Hamilton has visited a sick fan in the hospital.
Since both of these young women live in Texas, they decided to bring some holiday spirit to their Texan fans and helping out a charity at the same time. The event “Holidays with Harmonizers” was created. The idea behind it was for Harmonizers (the name of Fifth Harmony’s fan base) to meet Ally and Normani at Sugar Land, Texas. The two singers refused to ask their fans to pay for the meet up, all they asked for were stuffed toys, which were collected and later donated to the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. With the first event being a big success, the girls went on to organize another one in San Antonio.
They cheerfully chatted with their fans, took pictures, gave out autographs and, of course, collected the toys. Normani and Ally even went the extra mile and bought coffee for the fans that were waiting in line to meet them, to keep them warm during the waiting time. Both events were extremely successful, and the singers will deliver the toys to their destinations soon.

The two young stars really showed the true Christmas spirit and once again set a great example to their fans!

Ally's and Normani's "Holidays with Harmonizers 4


Written by CelebMix