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Almost July Releases Plush ‘Hearts’

New York’s alt-pop outfit Almost July recently released a new single, entitled “Hearts,” following on the heels of previous singles “Growing Up,” “Make Mistakes,” “Down,” “Hometown,” and “Young.”

Created by multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and arranger Skip Glogan, Almost July also includes drummer Derek Broomhead. The duo has performed at Rockwood Music Hall and The Delancey. Their live show features Glogan on vocals, as he merges keyboards and samples into tasty layered concoctions radiating an amalgamation of pop, electro-pop, dream-pop, and hints of new wave art-pop.

“Hearts” opens on shimmering colors pushing out trembling waves of sonic pressure, topped by Glogan’s oh so indulgent voice, smooth and velvety, highlighted by smoldering suggestive aromas. A fat bassline and Broomhead’s finessed, rumbling drums infuse the rhythm with potent pulsations, as gleaming textures glide overhead.

Soft, delicious harmonies imbue the lyrics with sighing depth and dimension. The back and forth glows between the bass, synths, and sensuous vocal intonations on the brink of antiphony deliver scrumptious washes of colors.

Evaluating Almost July’s progression from “Growing Up” to “Hearts” reveals an evolving sound, altering from percolating pop-flavored EDM to the more cashmere emerging surfaces and delicate tendrils of buttery electro-pop. Meticulously crafted, “Hearts” demonstrates Glogan’s gift for not only writing wonderfully exquisite alt-pop songs but his comprehension of the necessity of injecting interweaving threads of emotion into the harmonic flow, as well as its prevailing virtues: innovation, charming declarative causality and tantalizing wisps of gossamer palpable energy.

The mood of “Hearts” is complex, including substrata of passion and urgency, twinkles of exquisitely subtle colors, and polished coruscations rife with brilliant allusions and turns of phrase – moving to the emotion of the music, or perhaps the other way around, where the motion of shape generates the music.

With “Hearts,” Almost July has constructed a lustrous tune emanating nuanced luxurious textures, as well as plush sumptuous vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.