Almost July

Almost July Reveals the Marvelous Feeling of “Alone”

New York-based alternative duo Almost July introduces a brand-new single, “Alone”, following on the heels of the successful “FADED.”

Almost July represents the musical vision of producer, writer, and vocalist Skip Glogan and drummer Derek Broomhead.

Initially, Almost July’s sound embodied tasty fusions of dance and pop as exhibited on prior releases such as “Young,” “Hometown,” “Down,” and “Hearts.” Yet with each successive release, their sound has evolved, embracing heady touches of electro-pop and scrumptious suggestions of dream-pop, imbuing their music with supple glossy textures.

Known for their dazzling live shows with Skip playing keys and singing, the pair combine live instruments, samples, and electronic suffusions via Ableton Live. Almost July has performed at Rockwood Music Hall and Mercury Lounge.

“Alone” opens on emerging platinum guitars flowing into swirling, translucent washes of synths. When Derek’s finessed yet potent drums enter, along with the thick throb of the bassline, the tune’s rhythm assumes compelling cadence.

Skip’s dreamy voice infuses the lyrics with reverie-like coloration, narrating the thrill of being alone with his lover, a singular high induced by feelings of desire enveloping him in a bliss-like trance.

“It’s more than affection / I can’t recover / I don’t think I’ll be okay / This affliction that you gave / I’m addicted like a dream / Like we’re back to seventeen / Yeah, I like the way it feels when we’re alone … The way you look is like a dream / Like we’re back to seventeen / Yeah, I like the way it feels when we’re alone.”

Sparkling, percolating synth accents add enchanting savors to the harmonic tide, saturating the tune in breezy, sunny hues, while radiant vocal harmonies fill the backdrop with brilliant timbres, accentuating the sighing thirst manifest in Skip’s silky voice. It’s one of those sumptuous voices engendering euphoric, beguiling sensations.

Simultaneously nuanced and alluring, on “Alone,” Almost July delivers a sonic confection rife with captivating elegance and stylish flair.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.