American Horror Story: Cult Trailer Released

American Horror Story: Cult, will be facing the true American Horror Story of 2016… Donald Trump being elected as president. America went in to complete breakdown and day by day, Donald Trump is making America a very scary place to be.

This season of American Horror Story will show the aftermath of Donald Trump becoming president, some took the news well… Others did not.

The trailer shows Michigan restaurant owner, Ally (Sarah Paulson) distraught over America’s new president. She becomes so traumatised that her fear of clowns (coulrophobia) resurfaces. Ally then begins to see clowns everywhere; whether they’re real or fake, we just don’t know! Ally’s wife Ivy (Alison Pill), does her best to support her spouse and as both of them are so consumed in each other, they don’t notice the strange vibes their babysitter Winter (Billie Lourde) is giving off.

Where are all the Evan Peters fans at?! The leading man is back and this time, he’ll be sticking around a lot longer than he did for Roanoke. Evan’s character Kai, has the complete opposite reaction to Ally’s over the election, as he celebrates the news and sets out to be one of Trump’s followers, ready to take advantage of the chaos which is about to erupt.

“If you get people scared enough, they will set the world on fire”

Seeing as clowns are a top priority in the storyline of season seven, what better way than to bring the iconic Twisty the Clown back? Twisty makes a special appearance twice, once in the form of a book cover and second, when Winter gives Ally and Ivy’s son a Twisty doll.

Is Winter the reason for all these clowns? Are Kai and Winter working together to drive Ally crazy? What are their motives? Why were there no bees when they’re so important to the promo? So many questions still to be answered!

Watch the American Horror Story: Cult Season 7 trailer here:

American Horror Story: Cult premieres Tuesday, September 5th. 

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