Exclusive: Andrea Helfrich talks ULTRA

It’s official, Andrea Helfrich has THE coolest job ever. She’s interviewed every EDM artists there is and now we interview her!

Tell us how you got involved with ULTRA music festivals.
“Funny story actually. Prior to ULTRA I started my career in journalism at a FOX affiliate in upstate NY. After which I moved to Miami to host a digital series called ‘EpicEDM’. To produce this show I traveled to festivals all over the country (including ULTRA) covering everything happening in the dance music world. Fast forward to ULTRA 15′ when they needed an additional correspondant for the Miami show. Since I’m based in MIA and was already working in the EDM world, it was a natural fit. We worked together for a week producing the Miami show and it went really well! A few days after we wrapped the head of UMF TV asked me to have a lunch. We went to Joe’s Stone Crabs (a must if you’re in the area). It was there that he invited me to join ULTRA on the worldwide tour. I’ll never forget that day.”

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Today was amazing. Thank you for sharing it with me????

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With EDM, there are lot of lights, pyro and crazy fun entertainment for a show. Have there ever been any mishaps?
“Hmmm…there have been so many strobes, confetti pops and pyro releases during all of the shows, it’s hard to say. I’d love to be able to give you a juicy story of something crazy happening…but I honestly can’t, (which is a good thing!) ULTRA’s productions are so on point and professional that if something goes array it’s usually out their hands. Like fans spraying champagne that gets all over the CdJs, or birthday cake throws going horribly wrong – but remember they’re DJs not pitchers so we can’t blame them- but icing and mixers aren’t a good combination.”

A bit of a role reversal here being interviewed, huh? Who is your favorite person you have interviewed?
“Haha, it sure is. Feels kind of weird actually. I’d have to say Pharrell Williams! He is such a creative genius with a namaste attitude, I truly enjoyed his vibes.”

Any dream artists you’d love to interview?
“Lana Del Rey. Hands down. She is so cool I would just love to pick her brain.”

What was interviewing the legendary Armin Van Buuren?
“THE BEST! Imagine catching up over coffee with an old friend, that’s what I feel like when I’m interviewing Armin. It’s much more of a conversation rather than an interview. Maybe it’s the fact that our first interview was in 2013 and we’ve done about 20+ since then…or its just his personality. I assume it’s a combo of both. He’s so easy going and a very positive person. I’m always astounded by his level of energy despite his crazy travel and work schedule. But he manages to always have a big smile on his face and we usually start off every interview with a dance party and end with a dorky duck face selfie.”

You’ve been to over 22 countries for your work, woah! Got a favorite?
“Ahh pretty insane to think about when you put it like that. Which makes this a tough one. So if you don’t mind I’m going to scoot around the question and circle ‘above all.’

Taipei’s night markets are incredible. Buzzing, full of life and street vendors selling fried creepy crawlers (that you must try!)
Hong Kong’s skyline is out of this world. I believe it has double the amount of skyscrapers as New York. Go to the top of Victoria Peak at night, it’s a neon glowing concrete jungle and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

The Philippines are home to the kindest people! So polite, hospitable and overall just happy. If you visit Manila try to get to Taal, and climb ride to the top of Taal volcano on a horse…it was the scariest yet wildest thing I’ve ever done on my travels. But the view from the top is insane.

Croatia is the sexiest summer spot. It consists of something like 1000 islands that are all a boat ride away from each other. Hvar is a must see, the crystal blue color of the water set against a backdrop of lavender fields…yea it’s dreamy.

Bangkok’s temples are something I will never forget. They are absolute works of art, most of them covered in gold and Royal colored stones. It’s so majestic and impressive!”

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Exploring Chinatown in Singapore???

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Any travel tips you can give us?
“Pack dried food in your carry on! I might be a little biased right now because I’m responding to these questions on a flight, my stomach is growling and I’ve finished my stash of granola bars. And we just started the tour! Shit, I need to re up.

But seriously. If you’re traveling on connecting flights, I suggest packing your carry on with a few outfits, makeup / toiletries. My luggage has gotten lost in transit more than once and arriving in a country far from home without your stuff can ruin a trip. There are a ton of other travel tips I have adopted over the years but this interview could get quite lengthy. You know, I just posted a video on my YouTube channel talking about this exact thing.”

Who do you think is the next break out EDM star?
“Florian Picasso! He is an absolute genius. I’m currently obsessed with a track he collaborated with Martin Garrix on. It’s called ‘Make Up Your Mind’ and it’s a banger. He played it for the first time live at Ultra Singapore and yea, he’s coming up fast.”

What’s the future looking like for you?
“Well I’m currently on a flight to Bali, so my immediate future is looking sunny and beautiful :) After this Asia tour, the Ultra Worldwide schedule continues in South America in Peru, Chile and Rio…so it looks like I’ll continue to be living out of a suitcase.”

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