Andreas Kêr Returns To His Roots With A Powerful Ballad In ‘You’re Not Alone’

Andreas Kêr is one of Spain’s most promising LGBT+ activists and singers. His latest single ‘You’re Not Alone’ is an empowerment ballad that discusses gender violence. Nonetheless, the song is also able to encompass a relatable feeling to being an outcast in certain societies.

Similar to some of his past works such as ‘Next To You’, Kêr’s voice and range proves powerful enough. With added emotional conviction, the track is a very entirely listenable track.

The accompanying music video for ‘You’re Not Alone’ was directed by Dr. Sonora and features the singer/songwriter in a vividly snowy white setting. He’s later seen spraying graffiti on a nearby wall with the words violence, pain, distrust, angry and cry.


The inspiration behind the track is closely related to Andreas’ association with an organization called MUM, which he feels very inspired by and thus allowed him to understand and consequently write ‘You’re Not Alone’.

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Written by Dannii C.

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