Andrew Jernigan: Digital Nomad, Philanthropist and Insurance Technology Pioneer

With regard to global travel over the past few years, it is no surprise that travel for the purpose of helping others has also exploded. From students travelling on gap years, to retired individuals moving to different countries to give back after devoting their lives to their careers, travelling and philanthropy have become inextricably linked. 

Andrew Jernigan is one such individual who has used his travels to offer charitable service to many organizations over the years. His travels span countless countries across 5 continents and have seen him delivering assistance to some of the most remote countries in the world. This experience has also led him to create an innovative organization that offers insurance solutions for travelers, digital nomads and expats across the world. Insured Nomads offers health insurance, travel insurance, group insurance and even tailored products for its diverse client base globally.

Andrew posits that philanthropy has played a major role in his life and his company to date. The years that he served working with charitable organizations were often in developing nations. These years and experiences were significant in the work of Insured Nomads since access to care was so limited in the places where he worked so Andrew became involved in philanthropic projects. These years helped him to realize that each individual must learn and reprogram to remember that people come first, prejudice and racism must be replaced with love and respect. 

Andrew has spent many years in countries in West Africa such as Ghana. When asked about his most memorable philanthropic experience, Andrew relates “Living through a cholera outbreak in the villages of Lake Bosomtwe is the first memory that comes to mind that brings both gratitude and appreciation for supplies, donors and community. Life is too short to isolate, and together we can do so much more in making sure people stay alive despite problems, illnesses, access to clean water, healthcare and medicines. The feeling of being able to provide the resources that could keep people from dying was wonderful. This is more from hindsight since in the middle of it I was just working to locate, buy the supplies and get back out to the village in time for them to be used by the waiting patients.”

Since Insured Nomads was birthed from Andrew’s own philanthropic experiences, it would be remiss of him to leave out charity and social responsibility as an important aspect of the growth of his company.  Plans to implement philanthropy and charity in the daily fiber of Insured Nomads include giving back and partnering with organizations that share the company’s own philosophy and vision.  

Immediately, even before the company sold its first plans in 2019, they had committed to giving 1% to a partnering organization called Not For Sale (NFA). NFS are a transparent, award-winning global charity combatting human trafficking and caring for those affected by this circumstance. Insured Nomads is a part of pledging 1% and a signatory of the UN Global Compact. The company has actively participated with Civic Alliance to promote voting in the USA. Philanthropy and charitable service are an identifying mark in the life and journey of Andrew Jernigan and Insured Nomads. 

Written by CelebMix