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Anitta is Schon! Magazine’s latest cover star

International superstar Anitta has been unveiled as Schön! Magazine’s latest cover star.

The Brazilian sensation, who was recently nominated for a Latin GRAMMY, openly spoke to the magazine about her family, dreaming big and taking Brazilian funk worldwide.

Credits: @schonmagazine /
photography @gomezdevillaboa

Anitta made her breakthrough in Brazil six years ago and since then has grown from strength to strength, becoming the biggest global female poster to emerge from her country. She is known for her sizzling brand of Brazilian funk which has been embraced by music lovers across the world.

Speaking about Brazilian funk’s global appeal, she said: “It’s just a matter of having an artist that is so in love with [the music] to keep pushing the rhythm. I definitely think it can happen with Funk now.”

Despite achieving great success in her career so far, Anitta is very much an artist who has remained grounded. Crediting her family for this, she said: “I like to have my family around me. When you reach my power and fame, you don’t have people around you to remind you who you really are.”

Having achieved and enjoyed so much success, she also stated what’s actually important to her within her career. She said, “It’s not about power, it’s not about money, it’s just about changing people’s lives.”

Credits: @schonmagazine /
photography @gomezdevillaboa

Ever since she was young, Anitta had a desire to be a star and always liked to dream big. Recalling her younger days, she said: “When I was a little kid I would tell my family, ‘I’m going to be a big superstar.’ Now they see that it was all true!”

At the heart of it all though, Anitta has her fair share of insecurities and relates to the same issues as any other person. “I’m a normal person. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I will make mistakes. I’m super competitive. I don’t like to lose. My confidence came from my wish to never stoop down for other people.”

Read Anitta’s interview with Schön! Magazine in full here.

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