Anne-Marie Announces New Single ‘Heavy’

At CelebMix we’re all for girl power rising through in the music world at the moment and Anne-Marie is one of the leaders of the pack. If you’re already a fan you’ll be delighted to hear her new single “Heavy” is released on 22nd September and if you’re not a fan yet this could be the perfect time for you to become one.

Her power anthem “Ciao Adios” reminded everyone that sometimes when you know someone isn’t being faithful to you it’s time to just bin them, say Ciao Adios and be done with wasting time on them. It also became our summer anthem, who doesn’t love being feisty when they know they can do better?

With little over a week before its release date, Anne-Marie sprung the news of Heavy’s upcoming release on fans via some small changes on Twitter. Changing her header to a simplistic monochrome theme fans became aware something was on the horizon and it turned out to be new music. Described as a new vibe for Anne-Marie we can’t wait to hear it in all its glory on Friday!

Heavy is available for pre-order now. Are you looking forward to Anne-Marie’s new sound? Tweet us @CelebMix and let us know!

Written by Nicola Craig

Unashamedly in love with pop music and boybands. I'm always looking for new artists to check out, so send them my way and you might be able to be smug knowing you helped me find a new favourite band. You'll probably say I have long hair, most people do.