Anne- Marie drops brand new single ‘Her’

Essex born Anne- Marie, is back melting our hearts with new single, “Her”.  The second song to be released- following “Birthday”- from the platinum singer’s upcoming second studio album.

The singer has been dominating the UK pop scene since 2016, with notable hits including Clean Bandit’s, “Rockabye” (ft. Sean Paul), as well as the punchy number, “Friends”- a collaboration with Marshmellow- and the playful tune of, “2002”- written with Ed Sheeran.

Anne- Marie’s debut album- 2018’s, “Speak Your Mind”- was a huge success for the pop star, catapulting her into the spotlight with Brit Award nominations and platinum status.

The queen of swag has now answered our prayers, with yet another new single, and CelebMix are in love with everything about it.

“Her”, starts off with Anne- Marie’s patented vocals- that of an angelic angel if you ask us- accompanied by a gentle piano melody.  The lyrics are immediately striking, as the singer displays undying affection and admiration for her mother, which continues throughout the song.  Unlike the pop anthem, “Birthday”- the first single from Ann Marie’s upcoming studio album- “Her”, lends a more mature tone- in the best possible way- and it’s immediately our favourite of the two.

The ability of any singer to hold a listener with just their voice and a basic piano melody, is testament to their creative ability- something that Anne- Mari has absolutely no problem with.

However, the best thing about this track for us, is how it cements Anne- Marie’s unwavering ability to versify her song style- a gift that few in the game can harness with such finesse.

Everything about the Essex singer excites us to the core, and with the release of her new studio album painfully close, we can’t wait to hear more.

Anne- Marie’s new single, “Her”, is available to stream now. 

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Written by Ali

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