Anne and Robin Twist Will Take A Walk On the Wild Side to Stomp Cancer

Anne Twist is not just a mum to two incredible children with hearts of gold, she’s got one herself and she is constantly finding ways to help make the world a better place.  Anne recently took to social media on February 25th with a link to a fundraiser supporting Action Against Cancer.

Anne Twist Takes A Walk On the Wild Side to Stomp Cancer 1

Action Against Cancer is a charity initiative that sets to raise money to fund developments against cancer.  Their mydonate page has the following mission statement.

‘Action Against Cancer funds the development of cures for cancer at Imperial College, Hammersmith Hospital, led by world-renowned oncologist, Professor Justin Stebbing.

The groundbreaking programs that we fund focus on developing new diagnostics and treatments to improve the survival prospects and quality of life for millions of cancer sufferers worldwide.’

Anne is walking with husband Robin and The Collins, family friends, through Knowsley Safari Park to raise money for the charity.  They set a target goal of £1,000.00 which has already been met and you can continue to donate until June 15th!  That means there’s still plenty of time to give what you can to make a difference in the lives of every person who suffers from cancer, and the lives of the people who love them.

Anne says this of their decision to walk for this charity.

 “We think the work that Professor Justin Stebbing is doing is invaluable and that is why we, The Twists & The Collins, have decided to try and help in our own little way”.

This isn’t the first time Anne has worked alongside initiatives that aim to end cancer and we’re certain it won’t be the last.  She recently worked closely with Macmillan Cancer Support and brought attention to world cancer day in early February.

One Direction fans are no strangers to coming together and showing support for charities that Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall are involved with.  What makes One Direction fans so incredibly special, is the way they also support the various charities and organizations that One Direction families are associated with as well.

Anne always spreads kindness, positivity, and inspiration – and it’s nice to be able to donate to a cause close to her heart to show that she’s appreciated.

Please donate here and show your support to ending cancer all over the world.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.