ANNOUNCEMENT World Premiere of The Offer

Richard (Hugh Dillon) wakes up to find his life has been packed into boxes, but before he can find out why this situation has occurred he is interrupted by Gabe (Sergio di Zio) a charming door -to-door sales man, who before Richard knows it has offered him a set of encyclopedias. As the two chat Richard discovers that these books may just offer the answer to the his questions.

ANNOUNCEMENT World Premiere of The Offer 3

I wrote about this fan funded short film and also have the pleasure of being on set while it was being filmed in Cobourg, Ontario and I am thrilled to announce that it has just been selected for two major film festivals.

Its World Premiere will take place on 20th September at the 34th Atlantic Film Festival in Nova Scotia at the Park Lane Cinemas and then on 22nd September its second screening will be at the Cinefest International Film Festival in Sudbury, Ontario in the Short Circuit: Sunny Side Up and Scrambled Programme.

I am thrilled that this film is being selected for festivals and deservedly so and I have no doubt that this is just the beginning not just for the film, but also for the creative partnership of Jong, Dillon, di Zio and Goodwin who’s combined exceptional talent turn a dream into a well acted beautiful piece of cinematography which I hope will not just be shown in Canada but worldwide, and I wish them every success.

ANNOUNCEMENT World Premiere of The Offer 4

If you would like to be at either of these screenings you can purchase tickets through the links below:



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Written by Karon Hagon

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