Another Day Another Crazy Headline for Louis Tomlinson

By now fans of One Direction almost expect all articles coming out to be littered by ridiculous headlines and even more off the wall content.  With the latest “breaking news” stories involving Louis, fans are right in their expectations.

This weekend there were articles with personal accusations against Briana which had no tie to Louis at all except for planting another seed of doubt in the baby situation. At first it seemed that only one “media source” had any comment about Briana but now it’s being picked up by a few more outlets.

Briana herself isn’t a celebrity so we didn’t touch on the story but the funny thing they’re doing now is twisting this entire situation to somehow involve Louis’ ex Eleanor Calder.


We’re not kidding.

The Inquisitr has released a piece that chronicles the latest twists and turns in baby-hate and throws in one of the most left field ideas to date in a way that makes absolutely no sense.

They claim that Louis is stressed because of Eleanor being sad – and their claim as proof to her vast amount of pining for Louis?? An Instagram photo caption.  It gets better yet!  In an even more off the wall statement the article bares the question that one of the big secrets that tore Eleanor and Louis apart was the Rainbow Bondage Bears.

Another Day Another Crazy Headline for Louis Tomlinson 1

Sorry. What?

You read right! In a completely unrelated topic of conversation the rainbow bears and Louis’ ex are brought into his ever growing list of stressors that will ultimately stop him from returning to One Direction after their hiatus.

We couldn’t make this up if we tried. Honestly!

The Inquisitr also claims that Eleanor has lost an alarming amount of weight since her split with Louis which is perhaps their lowest claim in this article. Eleanor has always been skinny and her weight shouldn’t be a topic that “journalists” prey on to try to give their articles validity.  Body shaming on any end of the spectrum is wrong and makin accusations that seem serious enough to suggest her physical health being affected by baby tumors and stuffed bears is unfair to her, Louis, the rest of the lads, and their fans.

In a not so shocking turn of events the “big feud” between Harry and Louis is also mentioned and so are Larry Stylinson fans and the irony here is that the people who claim to care not about Louis and Harry’s public or personal relationships are the ones who continue talking about them.


If One Direction fans can find any solace and humor in these articles then let it be found; and we believe it exists simply in the way that the more absurd these headlines become and the more they have to reach to fill these online pages/print magazines with content – the more fans know what’s real, what isn’t, and how much these boys are fighting for us just as much as we fight for them.

We’ve told our readers that the smear campaign shows no signs of stopping and unfortunately it seems they’ve proven us right again.  The difference with this article and the ones to come though is that a rainbow and pot of gold definitely exist in the matter of speaking that leads for a baby-gate denial and at this point One Direction fans want few things more than they want that.

It’s past time for Louis’ name to be in the spotlight for all the great and kind things he does for anyone and everyone he can and not for silly rumors that he absolutely refuses to talk about.

We can’t wait until Louis and the rest of the lads are free from all the negativity and harsh untruths that surround them; but while we wait it is nice to see these windows of opportunity for some of these false stories to finally die out.

We love you lads, you especially Louis. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing – we’ve got your backs!


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.