APEK ft. Linney – Have you heard “Voices”?

Voices is a single by APEK ft. Linney which is released by Enhanced Music. APEK is a producer and DJ from Los Angeles, CA. This time, he collaborated with the emerging artist Linney, to produce a remarkable track.

Voices have a nostalgic vibe to it which would take you to another dimension of thoughts.

Listen to VOICES below.

Voices is a powerful blend of echoes and progressive house music. Linney’s sweet voice added a spellbinding effect to this song, that keeps echoing in your ears even after the song has ended.

The title of this track is on spot in regard to the composition and lyrics. The title truly portrays the theme of this song.

Voices already got support and appreciation from various DJs/Producers.

source: APEK (official facebook page)


Tonight Apek and Linney would do a live acoustic performance of VOICES and Q&A on Facebook at 7pm PST.
Join Live on FB:  facebook.com/apekofficial
source: APEK (official facebook page)

You can also add Voices to your playlist here: https://pro.beatport.com/release/voices/1643873

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