Apple Music Releases Harry Styles’ Behind the Album Documentary

Fans of Harry Styles are living the dream right now, but honestly, when are they not? Not only did he release his debut solo album on May 12th, he gave fans an intimate look at the whole process with a documentary released today. ‘Behind the Album’ is an almost hour long look at what went into creating his first solo album and it was a beautiful thing to watch.

The documentary shows everything from Harry cutting off his signature locks, to recording the songs that made the final cut for his album, and some bonding between Harry and his new band. After seeing Harry with One Direction for years, it was bittersweet to see him going about the process with new faces. For Harry, it was an entirely new experience and he enjoyed it, it was less rushed and less stressful. He was able to relax, to write, and to get away from all of the outside noise. He didn’t have that privilege during One Direction’s first chapter together.

During the documentary, Harry and his band performed songs at the legendary Abbey Road Studios as he spoke about the process of writing some of the tunes – the inside bits of what was going on in his mind as he put this album together was incredible, but also, done all on his terms. He isn’t comfortable with everyone knowing everything about him – he doesn’t believe that he ever will be. For him, this album was a test to see if he could write an album, have it be well received, and still hold on to some privacy.

We think he succeeded.

The documentary is bound to get fans more excited for his upcoming tour, for what he’s got in store next, but also for the album that we just received. Harry put a lot of himself into creating this album, he did it the way he wanted to and he was able to walk away with something that he’s proud of. As his fans, we want nothing more for him.

The documentary is available on Apple Music, and there are snippets of it online for those who aren’t subscribed yet. We recommend taking some time out of your day this week, however, you have to do so, to give this documentary the time it deserves. It truly is a look unlike anything we’ve seen before in terms of Harry, and it makes you adore him even more.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.