Arctic Fox Releases UV Reactive Neon Hair Dye

Arctic Fox Releases UV Reactive Neon Hair Dye

Founded in 2014 by model, animal lover, and YouTuber (Kristen Leanne), Arctic Fox is one of the fastest growing hair color lines in the world. With Kristen’s love for bright and vivid hair colors, she set out to create the best cruelty free and vegan semi-permanent colors available today. And we have to admit after personally using it, this brand is AH-Mazing!

With affordable shades available in every color of the rainbow and more, Arctic Fox added a new line of colors, UV Reactive Neons that glow under black light! The new shades are Electric Paradise (a neon pink), Porange (a neon orange), and Neon Moon (a neon yellow).

Arctic Fox Releases UV Reactive Neon Hair Dye

One of our personal favorites is one of their original shades, Aquamarine (a beautiful aqua that makes you feel like a mermaid), so we can’t wait to check out these new neon colors! Maybe they’ll even make more shades for the new collection, who knows! But if they do, we’re all for it!

According to their website, “Arctic Fox contains no drying alcohols, PPDs, or harsh chemicals. We spent two years of research and development to formulate a color that is highly pigmented, bleeds less, and won’t stain your sinks. Arctic Fox is long lasting semi-permanent color that is easy to work with, conditioning and smells great. All semi-permanent colors will fade, but not all fade equally. Arctic Fox is formulated to fade within the original color spectrum, so as the color fades, the shades will continue to be the gorgeous tones that your clients wanted.”

In addition to making great hair dye, Arctic Fox also donates 15% of their profits to help prevent animal abuse. I mean seriously, how much more amazing can this brand get?

Your purchases and loyalty support the domestic organizations below:

Second Chance Animal Shelter works tirelessly to find homes for animals, and they run numerous clinics to treat sick and injured animals as well as provide spay and neuter services.

International Fund for Animal Welfare focuses internationally on animal rescue; saving seals, elephants, tigers and defending whales.

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation focuses solely on rescuing abused dogs and dogs from the meat trade throughout Asia.

To purchase Arctic Fox’s new UV Reactive Neons or original shades, click HERE!

Check out Kristen’s YouTube video below to see how she uses Electric Paradise on her husband, Ryan Morgan:

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