Are Jay-Z and Beyoncé planning on getting a divorce?

There have been a lot of claims that powerhouse couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé are finally going to divorce. InTouch have reported that Beyoncé is: ‘tired of the phony charade’ she and her husband have been keeping alive. Apparently Beyoncé is now fed up of the seven year old marriage due to the numerous infidelity claims surrounding her husband Jay-Z.

Jay has denied every claim but his fight with Beyoncé sister Solange suggests otherwise.

InTouch claimed: ‘it’s dead… Bey is sick of keeping up the ruse of happiness, and she’s done, in private, she’s already told friends and family that she’s moving forward with her life. She’ll soon make a public announcement that their marriage is over’.

However, on the flip side there are other rumours circulating that the couple are fine and thinking of having another baby. A source told ‘She is not pregnant right now, but she definitely is getting the bug to give Blue a brother or sister. Their marriage is fine.’

Written by CelebMix