“Are you ready for a good, equal time?”

    As the On The Road Again Tour begins to dwindle down to its final month of shows, it seems like a good time to focus on the one of the highlights of this tour and that is: “Rainbow Direction” 

                                      "Are you ready for a good, equal time?" 1

   For those who aren’t aware of the project “Rainbow Direction”, it is a fan organization that provides a welcoming, safe place for anyone and everyone. This project can be witnessed through Twitter, at the concerts themselves, through media, etc. Rainbow Direction is all around us, and who better to inspire us more than Harry Styles himself?

  When in the One Direction fandom, often you spend your time watching fan videos. One of the most popular, well know youtube channels would be “Freddieismyqueen.”

  Today “Freddieismyqueen” has posted a new video highlighting the beauty of Rainbow Direction through actions of fans and the boys. It seems as if this video has been posted at a perfect time, given all the contradiction from the “Attitude” magazine.

  The video highlights the importance of love, acceptance, and equality. It’s evident that for anything in life, as long as a group of people come together for one common goal, something can be done about it and change can be made. For many, seeing Harry jump around on stage holding the rainbow flag with pure happiness and joy means everything. This flag, these colors, the motives behind Rainbow Direction’s actions are simply to make everyone feel loved and welcomed.

To learn more about Rainbow Direction click HERE

Watch Freddieismyqueen’s video below and be prepared to enjoy a GOOD, EQUAL time.

Written by CelebMix