Ariana should FOCUS on her music…

We’re all really exited about Ariana’s new single ‘Focus’ which is being release on October 30

Everything’s fantastic but there seems to be some tension between Ariana and her mother…

It has been said that Ariana has fired her own mother and it seems like her mother won’t be dancing for a while. We really don’t know the reason behind Ariana’s actions but we try to focus on her music.

The fans are really excited for the new single and Ariana has been teasing us with pictures from the music video on her Instagram. The fans are really exited for her new single and lots of them believe it will be the best single so far.

Good luck Arinators and keep strong, the video is on it’s way!

Leave a comment telling what do you think about this. Are you exited for the new video?

Written by CelebMix