Ariana Grande and John Legend bring us all to tears with breathtaking ‘Beauty and the Beast’ rendition

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down the days until March 17th when the live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast will debut on the big screen. The fairy tale, a tale as old as time, is one of the most beautiful in Disney history and the message behind it is just as gorgeous.

A girl who found love and magic in her books ends up finding beauty in the one place she never thought it existed. After taking her father’s place in ‘the Beast’s’ castle, Belle begins to see life appear where she believed none existed. She also begins to see a soul in the beast, and soon, the two fall in love.

There’d be no fairy tale without a villain, and in this story, he comes in the form of a self-entitled ‘handsome’ man who thinks he’s the most deserving of Belle’s love. However, once her heart belongs to the beast, things begin to change for everyone. No one is as affected by the love as Belle and the Beast themselves, and that gives them the strength it takes to overcome everything.

It comes as no surprise that powerful voices were chosen to bring new life into ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Ariana Grande and John Legend have left us all speechless with what they did with the classic tune.

Ariana has one of the most gorgeous voices in music, it’s absolutely unmatched. John Legend has a soulful and passionate vocal range which made the pair the perfect duo for this song.

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Written by Ashley

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