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Ariana Grande releases first ‘Dangerous Woman’ visual

Just as the song reaches number one on the Billboard and Twitter Top Tracks Chart, Ariana Grande has released the first visual for ‘Dangerous Woman’.

In the first of two videos, Ariana takes the glam, sultry route. With her hair down, Ari pouts for the camera and writhes around, rightfully confident within her own body. The blue and purple lighting reminds us of her video for ‘The Way’, however, she is no longer just a ‘cute girl’ – she has matured into a beautiful woman.

Talking to Ryan Seacrest about ‘Dangerous Woman’, Ariana said “I want it to be strong and empowering because I feel like I’ve come into my own a little bit, whereas before I think I was afraid to be myself and make decisions and speak out about things I’m passionate about because I thought it would make me experience some of the stereotypes that women ‘in power’ often face, you know, like, ‘diva’ and all this stuff.”

She added, “but what it really is is just a woman in charge, like she’s really just knows what she wants and gets it done and believes in what she believes in and is honest and I don’t think there’s any negative connotation that belongs with that.” This visual truly reflects the song and it’s great to see a young woman so confident in her own skin.

Whilst we love this video, a second visual for ‘Dangerous Woman’ is also on the way. Ari told fans, “We’re doing two visuals because this song makes me feel two kinds of ways, it makes me feel sexy and glamorous — I wanted to do a simpler more glam-themed video — and then I wanted to do another video because it makes me feel… like a super version of myself in a way.”

“It makes me feel like inside me is a black latex super-bunny woman, so there’s a simpler approach and there’s a weirder, more cinematic, conceptual, bizarre video.” she added. We can expect to see her latex bunny ears make an appearance soon and we can’t wait to see what bizarreness she’s come up with!

Check out the first ‘Dangerous Woman’ visual below.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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