Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Drops Original Honeymoon Avenue and Voodoo Love

Ariana has no longer left her fans in the dust! Today she dropped the original version of “Honeymoon Avenue” and the incredible “Voodoo Love”. Although these are her old songs, fans have waited months – some, years – for these songs.

In the run-up to the release of Ariana’s “Dangerous Woman” album she teased fans details about her old songs. Ariana confirmed she would release two songs from 2012. The original version of the beautiful “Honeymoon Avenue” from her first album is one of her oldest songs.

Also “Voodoo Love” which became known during a Live Stream in 2012. Unfortunately, it did not make it onto the tracklist of “Yours Truly”. Ever since then, fans have been eager to hear the full song.


With months of waiting for the songs Ariana kept reassuring fans she was trying her best to make it happen. Thankfully today they are both finally here!

Without any warnings, Ari surprised us all by tweeting this:

This means that we can all enjoy jamming out to “Honeymoon Avenue”! We finally hear how it was meant to be in the beginning. This has a more bubblegum pop vibe rather than the ballad version which made it on the album. Not only is this the full version of “Voodoo Love”, but a beautiful studio one.


This definitely brings us back to the 2012 Ariana days filled with pink and bows! What song did you enjoy the most? Let us know @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix