Ariana Grande Releases New Fragrance “Sweet Like Candy”

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days you may not know about Ariana’s new perfume “Sweet Like Candy”. Her debut fragrance “ARI” will always be a fav but she’s back for a 3rd scent!

She first teased the new bottle on her snapchat at the beginning of the month, but has since posted a picture of the same pastel pink bottle the DAY BEFORE RELEASE with the caption “Sweet Like Candy”.

As a result, the whole fandom went into a frenzy for the new perfume and on release day, fans were already pre-ordering and showing Ariana on Twitter. You should probably get yours now before it sells out!

Ariana Grande Releases New Fragrance "Sweet Like Candy" 2

Finally, It’s available to purchase in the USA now (with a snazzy pair of shorts and a “Team Ariana” water bottle as a free gift) and will be available for purchase in the UK from mid-September

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Written by CelebMix