Ariana Grande Releases Official Music Video for ‘Everyday’

Following the release of the lyric video to her latest single ‘Everyday’, Ariana Grande has just released the official video for the track alongside Future!

The video seems to have been shot the same time as the lyric video as Ariana rocks the same look. The video begins with Ariana singing into the camera and then highlights a couple sharing a moment of intimacy. Seems pretty normal until it reveals that the couple are on the hood of someone’s car as he is sitting in the driver’s seat in shock and disbelief. This sets the theme of the video as it highlights various couples sharing intimate moments in very public places, resulting in those around them to either be shocked or egging them on. She also gives representation by featuring couples of different race, sizes, ages, and also of same sex.

“Anytime I’m alone , I can’t help thinking about you. All I want, all I need, honestly, it’s just me and you” – Ariana Grande, Everyday

We think the ‘Everyday’ music video is fun and hilarious! Make sure you watch it and let us know your thoughts on the video over on Twitter at @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix