Ariana Grande spills details on Dangerous Woman

Throughout the past few days, Ariana Grande has slowly “spilled tea” on her album Dangerous Woman. Thankfully, she has relieved us by giving many exclusive incites during her spontaneous livestream!

Ariana’s album is definitely a power anthem with her overall aim to empower fans. The album title is also one of the tracks on her album and is one of the most important ones to her. She defined a Dangerous Woman to her as ”someone who’s not afraid to take a stand, be herself and to be honest” Hopefully this will help destroy the negative connotations surrounding the word feminism.

Ariana Grande spills details on Dangerous Woman 1

Regarding the album, there will be 15 tracks and the other versions will have more. We cannot wait to hear her new sound to the album as it does not fit into a specific category. There will be three features on the album. We can only hope that it will be one of her close friends currently owning the charts.

The album tracks revealed so far are:

“Dangerous Woman”

“Be Alright”



“I Don’t Care”

Not only were details of the new album announced, but details on a tour too! The tour is already planned, to our excitement. However, she will be focusing on promoting the album first.

To our much needed concern, it is confirmed that Ariana has finally woken up for this album cover! It took her some time, but we are definitely excited to see the cover.

Ariana Grande spills details on Dangerous Woman 2

Fans have anticipated the original version of “Honeymoon Avenue” and the studio version of “Voodoo Love”. Ariana announced she is trying to release it this year. Both songs were written at the start of her singing career, so it will be delightful to hear how she has developed.

Along with “Dangerous Woman”, she will be performing “Be Alright” on Saturday Night Live on March 12th. Ariana sang an exclusive snippet of this song. We are so excited to hear the full version!

What is already revealed on seems cryptic. However, Ariana ensures us that everything will eventually make sense! Undoubtedly, the album is going to be one that is on constant repeat, by comparing it to the success of her previous two.

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Written by CelebMix