Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s Top 5 Music Videos!

The Queen of Pop Ariana Grande turns 23 today, and we’re celebrating by going back and rewatching some of her best music videos from over the years! Here are Ariana Grande’s top 5 music videos:

5. “The Way” feat. Mac Miller

Even though it is the oldest on the list, this song is still a classic tune! The video shows Ariana and rapper Mac Miller, who is featured on the track, having fun with each other and being surrounded by balloons while video footage of the pair is projected on them and the white backdrop behind them. There is no question as to why this song made the cut! This song is super catchy and fun to dance to – a perfect combination!

4. “Love Me Harder” feat. The Weeknd

In this seductive video, Ariana Grande sits on a chair in a room almost completely filled with sand while she sings her parts. When the camera pans to The Weeknd, he appears to be in this room under Ariana’s. The two of them come together at the end of the video to finish the song. This music video including captivating footage of fast-rolling clouds along with quick yet stunning lightning flashes.

3. “Focus”

Let it be known that Ariana Grande looks great with platinum hair! This video was filled with close-ups of Ariana, a quick part of her playing the trumpet, and awesome dance routines. The outfits in this video are amazing, especially the black leotards with white stars on them. Fun fact: if you did not know who says the part “Focus on me, Fuh-fuh-focus on me”, it is none other than Jamie Foxx! She revealed the secret during a Q&A session before a show.

2. “Break Free” feat. Zedd

This iconic collaboration between Ariana and Zedd has an iconic video to go along with it. The video warns of an ‘inconceivable outer space adventure’, which is exactly what this is! We see Ariana as this hero who fights off alien prison guards to break out a group of prisoners. She continues her journey by fighting and defeating a giant robot with missiles that launched from her breasts. In the end, Zedd makes an appearance and seems to be piloting their spaceship while everybody else on board celebrates the wonderful victory!

And the top music video goes to……

1. “Problem” feat. Iggy Azalea

This retro-style music video is a classic favorite, so it makes sense that “Problem” has the number one spot. The wild dance moves in this video make dancing along so much fun! We’re treated to Iggg Azalea with massive hair – a look that she definately works! The different black and white outfit work perfectly together, and Ariana rocks her thigh-high boots! A cool little feature of the video is that it begins and ends like an old, retro television!


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Written by CelebMix