Ariel Lavi is getting used to being a judge in Hollywood

We are proud to host the Awards winning International Film Producer and Screenwriter Ariel Lavi . After he produced films in the US, Mexico, Nigeria, Dubai, and Canada and his films won 64 awards ,35 nominations and were screened at 74  film festivals in 24 countries, he was a Judge at 2 film festivals in Hollywood- Sunset Film Festival and Hollywood Screenings Film Festival. 

Hello Ariel, nice to interview you 

“Thanks , it’s a big pleasure for me to be hosted in high quality magazine like Celebmix “ 

After your films won many awards you are judged in Hollywood , how did it all begin? 

“I saw that the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival was looking for a judge to join the team and I didn’t hesitate. After that they gave me an admissions test where I had to analyze different films and they accepted me. After I did an excellent job they offered me to be a judge at the Sunset Film Festival . It was surprising”. 

How does it work to be a judge? 

“You get dozens of films to analyze and give them a score. You have to analyze everything in the film – cinematography, acting, script, direction and so on. I watched movies from many countries from the US to Australia. Some are not in English. Some of them have relatively large budgets like a million dollars or more and films with no budget at all. There were films with no budget that were excellent and films with big budgets that were not good. It has been proven that money does not always matter. It is possible to produce quality in any budget.I want to thank to the director of the festival Mark Mos for the opportunity” 

Your films won many awards. How did you succeed? What’s your secret? 

“I have the luck to work with such great crews all over the world . There is no something important than a great crew “ 

You have been interviewed in many countries in the world- the US, China, UK, Caribbean, Italy, Dubai, Japan, Nigeria, India, Canada, Singapore. How did you get many interviews? 

“It’s all about a hard work” 

We heard about your growing International Film Production Company- Lavi Company in Miami, FL

“Yes. It’s exciting for me. I have my film production company and I can control my career . We are producing all over the world “

Written by CelebMix