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ARJUN Will Play The Iridium in New York on August 31st

One of the world’s premiere guitarists, Eddie Arjun Peters and his band, ARJUN, recently announced he will be dropping a new EP this fall. ARJUN will play The Iridium in New York on August 31st.

A three-piece instrumental band from New York, ARJUN blends delicious rock with improvisational jazz flavors, resulting in a heady fusion rife with streaming, glorious textures. Made up of Eddie Arjun Peters (guitar), Andre Lyles (bass), and Michael Vetter (drums), ARJUN’s music revolves around complex melodies delivered by consummate musicians.

In 2013, ARJUN began a monumental series of albums based on a singular yet expressive concept. The result was a marvelous trilogy of albums. The first was Space, a soundscape of liquescent creativity full of dreamy colors suffused with magnetic interpretations. Recorded organically, the album’s feature track was “Orion,” highlighted by the percussive talent of E.J. Rodriguez.

The second album in the trilogy, Core, incorporated inventive new fusions of rock and jazz, multipart silky melodies, and utilized sonic articulation in unprecedented ways, replacing words with resonance and dazzling timbres. The album featured organ work by John Medeski of Medeski Martin and Wood. Mixed by producer Scotty Hard, Core hit the number four spot on the Jambands Chart.

In 2016, the third and final chapter of the trilogy, Gravity, was released, again mixed by Scotty Hard. Gravity received beau coup airplay, enthusiastic reviews for its originality, and Arjun’s electrifying guitar work, and held down the number five position on the Jambands Chart. The album featured performances by Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band), Cory Henry (Snarky Puppy), and Molly Cherryholmes.

ARJUN’s improvisational chemistry approaches supernatural levels, coalescing into vibrant ventures into unrehearsed sonic territory that appears planned out but isn’t. Peters’ brilliance on his axe weaves gorgeous filaments of glossy textures, while Lyles and Vetter provide the rhythmic foundation.

If you live on the East Coast or will be visiting, you can see ARJUN live: The Iridium, 1650 Broadway (at 51st St.), August 31 at 8pm – $20 Cover, 212-582-2121, Reserve Tickets here.

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