Artist 101: As It Is

Who are As It Is?

As It Is are a British pop/punk band from Brighton, England.

Who are the members?

Patty Walters (Vocalist)

Ben Langford-Biss (Rhythm guitar and vocals)

Patrick Foley (Drums)

Andy Westhead (Lead guitar and backing vocals)

Alistair Testo (Bass guitar and backing vocals)

When are their birthdays?

Patty – 12th September 1991

Ben – 6th July 1991

Patrick – 2nd January 1990

Andy – 25th May 1991

Alistair – 12th February 1988

What is their most popular song?

Dial Tones from their album Never Happy Ever After

What else do you need to know?

As It Is was started in the Spring of 2012 by lead vocalist Patty Walters. He started off the band by advertising for people to be in a pop-punk band. Andy and Patrick were the first to reply to the advert and were accepted straight away. Ben was next to reply and was also accepted since Patty knew him from University.

For the first couple of years, the band played mostly local gigs before the release of their EP, This Mind Of Mine. They then began to tour the UK and Europe, which they gained a huge response from. October 2014 brought more good fortune for the band when they signed with Fearless Records. In fact, they were the first UK band to ever sign with the label. The band members then began working on their first full-length album in 2014 in Florida.

Their debut album, Never Happy Ever After was then released in April 2015. The first single from the album was Cheap Shots & Setbacks. This release was popular with the fans and created a huge excitement for the album. There were two other singles from the album, Concrete and Dial Tones which were also huge hits. They then spent that summer playing Warped Tour in America and Reading & Leeds in the UK.

The following year, they did a headline tour with With Confidence and released a deluxe edition of Never Happy Ever After. As It Is spent a lot of time in 2016 touring with different bands in the UK and the USA. Including Sleeping With Sirens and Sum 41.

As It Is’ second album Okay was then released on January 20th. Since then, they’ve toured the UK with State Champs and announced headline dates across Europe and America.

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