Artist 101: Bastille

Who are the members?

Dan Smith, lead singer.

Artist 101: Bastille 1

Kyle Simmons, pianist.

Artist 101: Bastille 1

Chris ‘Woody’ Wood, drummer.

Artist 101: Bastille 2

Will Farquarson, guitarist.

Artist 101: Bastille 3


When are their birthdays?

Dan was born July 14th, 1986.

Kyle was born February 5th, 1988.

Chris was born July 6th, 1985.

Will was born September 22nd, 1983.

What is their most popular song?

Bastille’s most popular song is Pompeii which is taken from the band’s debut album.


What else do I need to know about the band?

Bastille were formed in 2010. Their name comes from ‘Bastille Day’ which is celebrated on July 14th and is the same day as lead singer, Dan Smith’s birthday. Pompeii wasn’t the first single from the band to be released! It was the fourth. Bastille first released ‘Oblivion’, ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Flaws’ before ‘Pompeii’. Their first studio album ‘Bad Blood’ was released on September 3rd 2013. In 2014 Bastille started working on their second studio album, but didn’t release it till September 9th 2016, which was at number 1 for two weeks. The lead single from the second album, ‘Wild World’ is called ‘Good Grief’. The single was announced on June 9th and was released on June 16th.

What is Bastille’s social media?

Band: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Snapchat | Official Website

Dan Smith: Twitter | Instagram

Kyle Simmons: Twitter | Snapchat

Chris Wood: Twitter

Will Farquarson: Twitter



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