Artist 101: Hurts

Your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about the British duo Hurts.

Who are the members of Hurts?

  • Theo Hutchcraft (lead singer)
  • Adam Anderson (keyboardist)

When and where were they born?

  • Theo Hutchcraft – August 30 , 1986 ,
    Richmond, North Yorkshire, England
  • Adam Anderson – May 14, 1984,
    Manchester, United Kingdom

What is their most popular song?

What else do I need to know about Hurts?

Anderson and Hutchcraft first met outside the Street nightclub in Manchester in November 2005, whilst their friends got involved in a fight. Too drunk to join in, they began discussing music instead; realising they had similar tastes, they decided to start a band. Synthpop duo has released three studio albums. Their first two, Happiness and Exile, both reached the top ten in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and Finland.


What are their social media links?

Twitter: @TheoHurts @AdamHurts 
Instagram: @theohurts @adamhurts
Youtube: videohurts, HurtsVEVO

Written by Caroline

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