Artist 101: Jurijus Veklenko

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about Lithuanian singer Jurijus Veklenko.

When is his birthday?

Jurijus’ birthday is on 6 July.

What is his most popular song?

To date, Jurijus’ most popular song is “Run with the Lions”, the song he will perform in Tel Aviv at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in May. 

“Run with the Lions” is a classic pop song with a particularly catchy chorus. Veklenko has a stunning voice and really delivers in his live performance which will stand him in great stead for Eurovision.

What else should I know about Jurijus?

Jurijus Veklenko (also known as Jurji Veklenko or Jurijus) is a Lithuanian singer who will be representing Lithuania at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Run with the Lions”.

Born in Klaipeda, one of Lithuania’s largest cities, Veklenko has already achieved a lot in his career.

In 2010 he auditioned for the second season of Lietuvos talentai (the Lithuanian version of the Got Talent format) making it all the way to the grand final and finishing in ninth place overall.

Three years later, the singer auditioned for the second season of Lietuvos balsas (The Voice of Lithuania) making it through to the live shows before being eliminated. 

This led to Veklenko joining boyband Rollikai alongside Mantvydas Sabaitis and Naglis Bierancas. The band went on to compete in Lithuania’s Eurovision Song Contest national selection show; Eurovizijos in 2015. The band finished the show in twelfth place, however, Veklenko still made it to the Eurovision stage. He went on to sing backing vocals for Eurovizijos winners Vytautas Bikus and Monika Liubinaite’s performance of “This Time” in Vienna, Austria.

2015 was not Veklenko’s first appearance at Eurovizijos however. He previously entered the competition in both 2012 and 2014 as a solo artist but failed to win the show. 

This year, Veklenko was much more successful at Eurovizijos, winning the jury and public vote in his heat, his semi-final and the grand final.

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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

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