Artist 101: Justin Bieber

A go-to-guide about Justin Bieber!


What is his birthday?

March 1st, 1994

What is his most popular song?

What else do I have to know about Justin?

Justin Bieber, born and raised in Canada. As the young Justin grew up, his love for music grew with him. He plays four instruments (guitar, piano, drums, trumpet) and he taught himself to play all of them. Justin’s big break happened when Scooter Braun spotted him on YouTube, and the rest is history. He basically became an overnight sensation with his debut single One Time, and his debut album “My World” was a massive hit worldwide, followed by “My World 2.0”, “Under The Mistletoe”, “Believe” (including an acoustic version), and “Purpose”. His most popular albums to date are probably “Believe” (2012) and “Purpose” (2015). Justin also released two concert films: “Never Say Never” and “Believe”, and he also had a few minor roles in movies and TV shows.

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Fun fact:

During his Believe Tour, Justin delayed his concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, to visit a 7 year-old girl who was battling leukemia in a hospital. Millie Flamm wanted to attend the concert, but she unfortunately relapsed. Instead, she got a personal little gig, where Justin sang her favourite song Baby, and even gave her his guitar pick.

Artist 101: Justin Bieber 1

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