Artist 101: Katerine Duska

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about Greek-Canadian singer-songwriter Katerine Duska.

When is her birthday?

Katerine’s birthday is on 6 November.

What is her most popular song?

To date, Duska’s most popular song is “Better Love”, the song she will perform in Tel Aviv at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in May. 

“Better Love” is a fresh, modern track, with Duska delivering a unique and stunning vocal throughout. The song draws you in from the beginning, and as soon as the chorus kicks in, it is clear this is a strong contender to be in the mix for the win at this years Eurovision.

What else should I know about Katerine?

Katerine Duska is a Greek-Canadian singer-songwriter who will be representing Greece at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Better Love”.

Born in Montreal, Canada in 1989; Duska now lives in Athens.

In December 2015, Duska released her debut album Embodiment, featuring nine tracks including her debut and second singles “One In A Million” and “Won’t Leave”.

Duska’s latest single “Better Love”, the track she will perform in Tel Aviv, has already reached number eighteen in the Greek charts. Duska wrote the song alongside Fame Academy winner David Sneddon.

What are her social media links?



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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

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