This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about Norway’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, KEiiNO.

Who are KEiiNO?

KEiiNO are a Norwegian-Sami trio formed in late 2018 who won Norway’s national selection show “Melodi Grand Prix”. They will be representing their country at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel with their song “Spirit In The Sky”.

The trio consists of Sami rapper Fred-René Buljo and Norwegian singers Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo Hermansen. Their collaboration began with Hugo and his husband Alex Olsson composing the outline of a song inspired by struggles for equal rights regardless of ethnicity, gender identity and sexuality, meanwhile, the group name was inspired by the name of Buljo’s home town Kautokeino. According to him, their name represents the road that brought them together.

KEiiNO mixes electronic pop with Nordic folk melodies and joik, the traditional form of song of the Sami people.

When are their birthdays?

Alexandra’s birthday is on June 29, 1996.

Tom’s birthday is on October 27, 1979.

Fred’s birthday is on February 6, 1988.

What is their most popular song?

To date, their competing entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest “Spirit In The Sky” is their most popular number, which is also shown by the fact that it has already landed at the top of Norwegian charts.

“Spirit in the Sky” is inspired by the Sami belief that nature gives you strength in times of trouble. It is composed and written by the members of KEiiNO in collaboration with Finnish hit-producer Henrik Tala, German producer R. Schramm and lyricist Alexander Olsson.

Where can you follow them?

KEiiNO can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and you can listen to their songs on Spotify.

You can also follow each of them on Instagram: Alexandra, Fred, Tom.

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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