Artist 101: Lea Sirk

This guide contains everything you need to know about Slovenian singer Lea Sirk.

When is her birthday?

1 September 1989

What is her most popular song?

“Hvala, ne!”

What else should I know about Lea Sirk?

Lea Sirk has been building up her career for some time now, releasing her debut single back in 2007, titled “Povej mi, kdaj”. She has since become a household name in Slovenia.

She studied at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva and gained a Master of Arts in Specialised Music Performance through her education. She also knows how to play the flute. No one can deny how determined Lea Sirk is to make a big career out of music.

She competed in the 2009 Slovenian national selection show for Eurovision, titled EMA, with the song “Znamenje iz sanj” where she came ninth in the final. She returned in 2010 with “Vampir je moj poet” managing to come tenth in the final. Fast forward eight years, and she wins EMA 2018 with “Hvala, ne!”, with 116 points which was 10 points more than second place, BQL with “Promise”.

She took part in the fourth season of Znan obrez ima svoj glas (the Slovenian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar), where she made it to the final, with the second-best score of 191, one point behind top-scorer Mitja Sinkovec. The winner was Luka Sesek who only got the third best result of 180 points. One of Lea Sirk’s most notable performances was Salvador Sobral’s “Amar Pelos Dois” who was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and the whole reason the contest is held in Portugal this year.

“Hvala, ne!” was written by Lea Sirk and Tomy DeClerque. Translated from Slovenian to English, the song’s title means “Thank you, no”. This Slovenian artist has two daughters and we’re pretty sure they will be proud of her when they see her on stage in Lisbon, Portugal. She has previously been to Eurovision as a backup singer for Tinkara Kovac in 2014 and ManuElla in 2016.

What are her social media links?

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