Artist 101: Nash Grier

Who is Nash Grier?

Nash Grier is a viner and Youtuber

When is his birthday?

28th December 1997

What is he most known for?

He is most known for doing Vines and now making YouTube videos.

What else do you need to know?

Nash rose to internet fame in early 2013 when his Vines started to get popular.

Shortly after this, he went on the MagCon tour which is where fans can meet their favourite internet stars. He went with other Vine stars such as Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Jack & Jack and Matthew Espinosa.

In early 2014, him and some of the others quit MagCon as they felt that it limited their future careers.

In Summer 2014, he moved to California with Cameron Dallas so they two of them could be closer to management. When he moved out there, he took online courses to complete his high school education.

He had also released mobile apps such as Cash Dash and has a website where his fans can buy his merch. Along with this, they can purchase an Aeropostale Clothing Line called “UnitedXXVI” which was designed by him, Cameron Dallas and younger brother, Hayes Grier.

In January 2015, him and Cameron Dallas signed on for a movie deal.

The deal was with Fullscreen and they would be acting alongside each other in a new movie called The Outfield. The film debuted on the iTunes store on November 10th 2015.

This was his first major acting job and then went on to direct the music video for I Look Good On You by Bera.

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