Artist 101: The Humans

This guide contains everything you need to know about Romanian band The Humans.

Who are the band members?

Cristina Caramarcu – vocals

Alexandru Matei – piano

Adi Tetrade – drum

Alexandru Cismaru – guitar

Alin Neagoe – bass

Corina Matei – cello (temporary member)

When are their birthdays?

Cristina Caramarcu – 22 February 1988

Alexandru Matei – unknown

Adi Tetrade – 16 August 1972

Alexandru Cismaru – 10 August 1993

Alin Neagoe – unknown

Corina Matei – unknown

What is their most popular song?


What else should I know about The Humans?

First off, you should know that The Humans are originally a five-piece band. They gained an additional member when Alexandru Matei wrote the cello part of the song for his wife, Corina Matei, and he wanted her to join them on stage so she was made a temporary member for Eurovision. Three of the band members were part of a group called Jukebox – Cristina Caramarcu, Alexandru Matei, and Alin Neagoe – for ten years before they parted ways to form this new band, meeting Alexandru Cismaru and Adi Tetrade.

They have a bunch of experience behind them. Frontwoman, Cristina Caramarcu lives in Rome, Italy and splits her time between Italy and Romania, to make this band work. She was also on Vocea României (The Voice of Romania) season two but only made it to the battle rounds. As for Alexandru Matei, he’s worked with high profile Romanian artists, including Andra, Stefan Banica, and Damian Draghici; as well as being a part of The Humans, he’s also a band member of Supermarket.

Adi Tetrade has been a part of a lot of incredible music. He’s been a member of bands such as Compact and Sarmalele Reci, as well as Romania’s Eurovision 2010 and 2014 act Paula Seling’s band. He’s also worked with a number of Romanian TV shows including Vocea României and X Factor. He’s one of the co-founders of the band Supermarket. As for Alexandru Cismaru, he’s been a part of a number of bands; currently, he’s a part of The Humans and SPAM, he was previously a part of NightShift.

Then there’s Alin Neagoe, who is also a co-founder of the band Supermarket and is mostly known for customising his guitars. As well as being a part of The Humans, he is also a part of Supermarket; he also releases music under the stage name EverMorph. That just leaves Corina Matei, who is the cellist. To earn a living, she works at Tetravision, an events company.

The band is just one year old, yet the band members have a tonne of experience behind them. They gained some TV promotion last year when they appeared on Romania TV show ZazaSing. They entered two singles into Selectia Nationala, the Romanian national selection show to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, the first song being their debut single, “Îndura inima”, but “Goodbye” was chosen to go through to the Semi-Finals by the jury on the show. They did not expect to win the show, but that, they did. Can they go on to win the whole show?


What are their social media links?

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