Artist Alert: Meet Talented Heartthrob Brandon Skeie

Another week, another new artist lens!

Today we turn our heads to musician/singer Brandon Skeie who has been making slight airwaves with debut single ‘So Bad’. Starting off as what seems to be a grand piano ballad, turns into a massive pop thumper chorus with a soft steady bass. Overall, the song keeps you grounded especially when Skeie delves into his upper register showcasing his superb vocal range.

Overall ‘So Bad’ has a great emotional appeal due to its production and profound lyricism. You’ll undoubtedly catch yourself singing “I want you so bad” multiple times throughout the day. We assure you that this is a true fact.

Artist Alert: Meet Talented Heartthrob Brandon Skeie 1

In addition, a dance remix of the song has been readily accepted with unanimous praise and already has close to one million views! The bass is absolutely divine so don’t be surprised if you happen to hear it at your local club – it has the perfect atmosphere for it!

Skeie has also done beautiful covers of other songs such as Adele’e ‘Hello’ which has garnered well over 1.1 million views on YouTube.

It even hit #1 on “Soundcloud’s electronic Hot & New charts”, which only exemplifies the notion that people are enjoying the song!

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Written by Dannii C.

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