Artwork By Fans Shine in Where Are Ü Now Video

As a tribute to their fans, Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo) wanted to create a token of appreciation for their success thus far in their career. What other way to do so than in the music video for “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber.


The music video introduces the magical power of art in a couple of its forms: drawing, painting, and music. In the beginning, the camera leads us in an art studio where walls are lined up with stills of Justin Bieber. Cups of paintbrushes and pencils are hung up in between the stills, inviting the idea of creative opportunity. Few seconds later, the camera leads us into a blacked out still, where we meet the man behind the vocals.


Singing in an empty space, Bieber slowly finds himself becoming a canvas of various artwork, with each flashing fast enough to create an even bigger picture.


Why? How? We are taken back into the art studio, where numerous fans are documented creating the waves of masterpieces of the Justin Bieber stills. This brings Justin alive, as he is seen dancing in the splashes of those masterpieces, embodying creative expression.


Brilliant creative direction with a brilliant visual. The cool part? Hit pause every couple of seconds and discover the amazing works of art throughout the music video.


Watch the video below.


Written by CelebMix