Arut Nazaryan Shares his views on the changing music industry

Looking back 10 years ago, it is hard to identify parts of the music industry that have carried on for that long. Thanks to the entry of technology in the music industry, the evolution has accelerated almost tenfold in a few short years.

Compared to back then, artists have both a harder and easier time today. They are competing against so many people, however, social media gives them platforms to grow and nurture their music.

Arut Nazaryan is CEO and cofounder of Morningstar Solutions LLC, Morningstar Technologies DMCC, and Bistox Holding. That is not his whole wrap however, Arut is a well-known entrepreneur in Uzbekistan where he is the youngest and wealthiest.

In addition to his career in entrepreneurship, Arut is also passionate about music. He has watched the evolution unravel as his passion brews deeper within him. Within a year, Arut has created an exemplary, ambitious team and founded a crypto exchange, gaming platform, analytical YouTube channel, a production company, and an investment fund. 

Nazaryan has released several albums, singles, Eps and discography in his lifetime. He has done several collaborations with different artistes which have had tremendous views on YouTube. He uses his social accounts to promote his music and interact with his followers. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, it has played a major role in building his brand, especially his singing career.

According to Arut, the music industry is drastically changing with so many voices and genres these days. Music systems have seen many changes over the years, and so has the mode of consuming music. Can you believe cassettes and CDs aren’t that far in the past, but have been replaced a couple of times to get to where we are today?

The quality of music videos has also seen a drastic change. We now not only have high-definition videos but 4k clarity too. We have applications like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube where you can either stream or download music in the comfort of your home. 

YouTube has been a major boost for most artists as it is the most commonly used platform by artists and consumers alike. Through YouTube, artists can also get paid, and it gives artists an opportunity for their music to air worldwide. 

Record labels have started investing in the artists. With record labels, the artists are well managed and they don’t deal with a lot of marketing issues. You can also generate links and share with people, and they`ll be able to listen to your music. Spending time with your fans on sites like Instagram you can do live videos.

Arut is glad to welcome any more changes that are weaving their way into the music industry. While not all changes are good, Arut is positive that when most changes are positive, it is well worth it.

Written by CelebMix